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Recently we made really a wonderful small real wedding order.  During a meeting time we all together were deciding with flowers we suppose to use, with additional colors add to make the main element  in the classical bridal bouquet playful a little bit, but also create an elegant and classic style of creamy roses bridal bouquet.
Due to fact that the wedding dress has Ivory color, we choose creamy  and white combination with some chocolate and black tints.

The bridal bouquet of creamy-chocolate and white-black colors was much more beautiful than a sent preview of that bouquet to the bride . The wedding bouquet of creamy  and white flowers includes  Creamy Roses ‘Vendella’, white mini Calla Lilies ‘Cristal Blush’, white Anemonas,  Chocolate Cosmos,   Fiddlehead Fern ‘Dicranopteris linearis’ and greens. The bouquet made on a bouquet holder to provide some water for flowers during the Wedding day. Also using a bouquet holder Lady  cut the wait of the bridal bouquet. Here created the illusion of natural stems bridal bouquet.


Whole  wedding set after several discussions included:

  •  the bridal bouquet
  • the boutonnière for the Groom
  • 3 buttonholes for parents and a grandparent
  • one buttonhole for a little boy
  • a floral wrist
  • 4 Ladies  corsages for parents and grandparents
  • one corsage for a Bridesmaid


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