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If you follow new tendencies then you know that a lot of weddings are made in special nature style – Eco, Woodland, Organic.  But at the same time all bridal designs stay the same, they are round wedding bouquets with succulents and spring flowers.   And what if you would like to have a unusual, never seen before in any wedding magazine or any wedding website, customized  wedding bouquet that belongs to the Eco style?  If you do, Dream Flowers always can make an unique and very creative Eco, Woodland, Organic wedding bouquet for you.

Save this idea of a different Eco, Woodland, Organic wedding bouquet  with European style for your inspiration!

All materials create a circle at the edge of the structure to keep an open center of the special structure  (or the armature) using contemporary techniques. This creates transparency and visual lightness of the bouquet. At the same time you can enjoy all details of the Nature collected in the wedding bouquet. We use common flowers and plants as succulents, Spanish moss and deer moss, some blossoms of hydrangea and enyngiun and Boston fern. Spray roses or small flowers of spring flowers as ranunculus, fritilaria or even gentle violas will add a little bit more beauty of the awakening life from a deep forest or a wild garden.

Do you want to add any décor elements? Crystal pins, swarovsky crystals or clear beads can create illusion of  dew drops. Such accessories  create organic bridal bouquet that match your lifestyle and your personality.


We create boutonnières for the Groom made of the same materials as the bridal bouquets – little succulents with Boston fern and eryngium.





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