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Many of brides ask themselves how to chose a bridal bouquet? The majority of them – 99% of our brides don’t know what kind of bridal bouquet they want to have. All brides like wedding bouquets of Roses, Tulips, Orchids, and hand tied bouquets, and cascade bouquets, and white classical bouquet, and vivid pink with purple color bouquets. We would like to share with some principles how to chose your wedding bouquet.

1.  Type of woman appearance

“Seasonal” theory comes from the fact that all people in all their otherness and diversity. Four types of women appearance can be identified by the color of their skin, eyes, and hair as four seasons of the year – woman-winter, woman-spring, woman-summer and woman-autumn (woman-fall). Each season corresponds to a particular color group.

Cool types are summer and winter.

The summer type of  women – a diva

Pale, cool colors dominate the category. Skin is soft, light pink, with a bluish tint or a cold light olive color. Due to the cold leading tone seems noble and fragile, it never has a reddish hue. Birthmarks and freckles are always gray or gray shade (never golden and reddish-brown), except for very light tans options pretty well. After the sun skin becomes a delicate shade of peach. Hair – light or dark (not dark brown) with cold ashen hues. Eyebrows, as well as hair, are always ashy tones. Eyes – blue, gray, blue, green, blue-green, greenish-gray, blue, walnut, squirrels are blurred, milky hue. Lips – are cool pink.

For those brides with the summer type of appearance correspond the following colors – creamy hues, emerald and fuchsia colors.

Her bouquet is Creamy Roses wedding bouquet with some vivid accents.


The wedding bouquet for a summer type of women appearance


The winter type of  women – a Snow Quinn

This is the most beautiful type of women’s appearance defined by cold, contrasting and bright colors.
Her skin may have two kinds:
a) very bright, white, pinkish, bluish, transparent and clear as porcelain, no blush, and
b) olive or brown, but with the cool shades. Capable of pigmentation, fast tans, then becomes a delicate olive-green tone.

Typically, hair of the winter woman type are dark: dark ashy, dark brown, bluish-black, although there may be a platinum blond. The hair has clearly visible cold gray hues. Eyelashes and eyebrows are dark or even black. Hair creates a contrast with the light, porcelain skin colors. Eyes are dark brown, green, dark blue, gray (except for light) with bright whites. Lips are juicy with a bluish tint.

The color palette is cool, bride and vivid, clear, radiant, bright, piercing, brilliant. Primary colors are blue-purple, turquoise, azure.


Her choice is a  wedding bouquet of blue flowers.


The wedding bouquet for a winter type of women appearance

Warm types are spring and fall.

The spring type of  women – youth

The type is dominated by low-key, warm fresh, natural paint. This is the lightest type of appearance. Skin is light with beige-pinkish hue or soft golden hue with a warm peach blush and a light, gentle face inherent, natural radiance. There are freckles of golden-brown color (not gray).  Tans are good. Tanning becomes a delicate shade of coffee with milk but can reach up to dark brown. Bright yellowish color of hair – light brown, straw, flax, golden ash, light brown, but always warm, golden tint, often with naturally blond hair. Eyelashes and eyebrows match hair or are slightly darker. Woman-spring is most often either a natural blond or with light brown hair.  Eyes are gray, walnut, pistachio, yellow-green, blue, turquoise, any different color, but not dark. Lips have a warm, naturally pale pink hues. Eye color, lip color don’t contrast with the skin. Her colors are bright, juicy and deep spring colors as an orange, yellow and light green, also salmon and sapphirine.

 A bride of spring type of appearance looks nice with a wedding bouquet of yellow daffodils or pink peonies, peach roses.



The wedding bouquet for a spring type of women appearance

The autumn type of  women –  a goddess of fertility

Warm and vibrant colors, all the variety of fall nature corresponds to the autumn type of appearance. The skin has a yellowish undertone. There are freckles red or yellowish-brown. Hair is from red to dark brown, always with a honeyed hue. Eyelashes are often too bright, which makes the eye as it deprived the circuit. Eyes are light and dark brown, green, teal, gray with golden spots. Lips are bright.
The color palette is warm, terracotta, warm orange and mustard, olive with some blue-green hues.

A bride of fall type of appearance corresponds with an orange hues wedding bouquet.


The wedding bouquet for an autumn type of women appearance


2. Makeup

All makeup artists use the kind of appearance theory.  If you plan to add in a make-up accents, we emphasize you by adding that color to the wedding bouquet. For example, red lipstick on lips will be perfectly highlighted by scarlet roses bouquet. Thus the bouquet won’t be beaten out from your image, and it is correct to supplement it.

3. Wedding dress

The most popular round hand-tied bouquets goes to any wedding dress. A cascade wedding bouquet looks perfect with a long tail dress. Modern and contemporary bridal bouquets as an umbrella, a fan, a purse or a muff supplement original clothes.


The wedding bouquet for an A-silhouette wedding dress


The wedding bouquet for an A-silhouette wedding dress

The bridal bouquet must be visible on the chosen wedding dress. For example, if you have a bright white wedding dress it is better to order creamy or ivory hues bouquet.


4. Details

An image of a couple is created from many details – a color of the dress, hair decor, color of shoes within a color of a groom tuxedo and shirt, and a tie.



The wedding bouquet includes lavender hues according to the groom’s tie and shirt

Remember, a wedding bouquet plays an additional role,  it should be balanced with vivid colors, curves lines or any decor.




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