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Glorious floral crowns of fresh flowers have come a long way from being simple affairs of baby’s breath (Gipsophila), wax flowers (Hamelacium) adorning the heads of little flower girls. Nowadays, a more rustic flower crowns are adorned solely with garden roses, dahlias and other seasonal flowers giving them the feeling of an English garden.
Now, where you can go to for your custom made flower crown. Which flowers you would like to be mixed in your floral headpiece? Which greenery the crown suppose to have (maybe some mint, eucalyptus or even myrtle bring nice odor)? Do you want to add any accessories as brooches, bling or pearls, ribbons, fabric, feathers or fur?
Floral designers are trained to create flower halos and flower crowns, headpieces as are event designers. During the consultation with your event designer or event designer share with all your ideas and pictures you found. The designer should draw an image for you, describe all desired details. Also you need to tell the designer about the hair style for the day to let the floral crown sit perfectly. The measurement the circumference of your head suppose to be done during this meeting.
That is a lot of little details for just one floral crown, right? Your crown of fresh or preserved flowers needs to be just perfect; it will be placed on top of your head in the morning and suppose to last trough whole day. Of course you can take the crown down and put it back if you want to have different looks (ask your hair stylist to show how to remove the crown or put back).

On our pictures, we’re showcasing a few different floral crowns and a headpiece.

I decided to use a gentle palette of peach and lavender colors, a powerful vivid combination of red and yellow for second one, rustic look with peach and amber colors for third one and elegant glamor for the headpiece.

1 Project: Glorious Floral Crowns for the Fashion aperture, Rue 1 showroom

Coordinator: Albina Patou-Chebykina
Model : Annie Vi Tran
Model : Angela Michelle Purcell
Make-up : Olena Kulik
Hairstylist : Timberly Kerby
Outfit : Mariya Milovidova Art & Fashion, Ricochet Wearable Art, Theia Grazi Clothing Co
Photos: Strike Taing, Khuong Truong
Florals: Svetlana Chernyavsky


2 Project: A Rustic Floral Crown and a Headpiece for the Styling photo shoot

Model : Alevtina Krivonos
Model : Pearl Bema
Outfit : Milutsa Organic Bridal Gown and Any Occasions
Photos: Marina Baklanova
Florals: Svetlana Chernyavsky

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