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Lana Chernyavsky presented her own style during the floral demonstration at Orinda Garden Club in November 13th, 2014. This presentation had a special goal to show new techniques and trends in modern florisrty. A request from the Club do not use a floral foam at all help to create unique floral designs and art works.
Lana used nature materials as a eucalypthus bark, dried lotus pots, wiping willow brunches and dogwood brunched as a structure to show new possibility of natural material usage and re-usage by adding fresh flowers.

Some of floral designs more classic and traditional, for example hand green tied bouquets, but all of them have a little element that add new feeling. It can be a small aroma coffee balls made of real coffee beans or a beautiful structure made of weaved dogwood.
The interior floral designs created to decorate the room in a house. Many floral designs have the look of art works not just flower centerpieces. Each design has its own character and style and may suit in the room or hall catching eyes.  All structures of the floral designs can be reused again and again  by refilling  with just a few fresh seasonal flowers so the person may enjoy the beauty of seasons in nature.


During the raffle tickets sale of all floral designs the garden club collected more than a $1000 for first time since the opening. To all sides it was a huge success!

Lana is a floral designer with the unique style, whose dedication and experience make the floral demonstration a real success. Her captivating works and techniques feature the show  and keep the audience impressed by your event.


Hot techniques and trends in Contemporary Floral Artistry for the Orinda Garden Club of America


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