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Floral Art

Floral Art

Floral Art is a special kind of floral design means gathering floral materials in an attractive way. (Floral Design is creating a pleasing and balanced composition of flowers and plants). It is not only creating  beautiful arrangements, extraordinary bouquets and gorgeous floral dresses… It is much more behind it.
As a floral artist you need to show you style, the beauty of materials, the unusual combination of floral and non-floral, now-hows, new materials, new techniques and craftsmanship, new material transformation ect.

Floral Art is it not everyday commercial designs, it is designs with author’s attitude and style for special audience and special event. Floral Art includes custom designs and arrangements, wall installations, unusual bridal bouquets, floral jewelries or body flowers, floral collages or hanging designs, huge installations of flowers or other botanical materials, small designs that present the designer from art side. Floral artist participates in floral shows and demonstrations, publish their art works in magazines and books promoting the art itself.

I work every day. Some floral art works go really fast from an idea to the final steps, some of ideas stay in my head longer to be transformed to huge and unique wall installations. I sketch, I look for texture or materials in nature, I do structures, I re-do structures or keep it, I place flowers and other materials to create the amazing floral art, I enjoy them.

Please, enjoy you too.







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