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All Brides want to save money on their wedding flowers that why a lot of them search how to DIY Wedding Flowers or Do-It-Yourself flowers for a wedding. There are some cons and pros involved in your wedding flowers budget.
Dream Flowers greatly appreciates your passion on your own wedding and wants to provide serious statements why you’d better to hire a professional wedding florist.

1. Knowledge and Technique

In the era of overfilled DIY-projects and video-clips on YouTube and internet it seems not too important to have right knowledge and technique to do wedding flowers. For all professionals knowledge is more than just a one time event, it is priceless. To become the professional wedding floral designer may take 3-5 years of learning, volunteering and working side by side with the masters like a permanent cycle of learn, repeat, practice, make, change the design and make again. Floristry is very expensive as a hobby, all seminars and classes cost a lot of money. Floral designers invest in their future, learning new designing tricks and techniques to follow the world floral industry trends.

A floral designer needs to know not only all about flowers, storage and care tips, season availability, flowers and supplies price, plant and flowers substitution, proper technique to use, gentle stem flowers, new product and mechanics… We know which flower needs to be sear with a flame or which one can hold without water 2 days, and which flowers cannon share one container, and much more.

2. Craftsmanship and new ideas

As floral designers, we like new ideas, new arrangements and bouquets, new installations and all creations with craftsmanship or without it. Every day you see new creative looks, new designs and new mechanics. How do you know your floral designer is creative? Take a look at their achievements and publications at professional floral design magazines and professional floral design competitions.

Believe me, top floral design magazines select best of the best to publish, particularly at their special issues as Wedding Issue.

Fusion Flowers Wedding Issue 2015

Bridal Design for the Fusion Flowers Magazine Wedding Issue #10 (2015) /www.fusionflowers.com/



3. Flower selection and choice. Amount of Flowers

Selecting right flowers to match your wedding colors and palette is a fine art. Wedding Florist knows the seasonal flowers and their prices for each particular season, some flowers are unavailable in October (Peony) or in January (Dahlia). Also wedding florist have relationships with growers, wholesalers that are not available to the public. Very often flowers arrive wilted, florists know how to select the freshest product for you.

Is it easy to come and buy these listed flowers below from a flower market when you are here with out pre-order?
Sunflowers – 18 bunches, Zinnia -15 bunches, Blue -Straw 23 bunches, Baby’s Breath -6 bunches, Dahila- 23 bunches, Roses- 40 bunches

For all my clients I book flowers to make sure I will get the amount I planned to have. Of course there are some substitutions present, but you need to decide at the market how many flowers you need do not go over the budget.

4. Flower Design Process and Time

After you buy flowers they have to be cleaned from foliage, well hydrated at least 4-5 hours before the floral designer can arrange them into wedding creations.
Peonies, regular and garden roses, ranunculus do not come from a flower market fully open, they require 1-4 days to open in their full glory. Where to store flowers while they’re hydrating?
Don’t forget, flowers are very perceptible product, wedding florists need to keep any flowers refrigerated until the wedding day.
And only then wedding florist arranges flowers. A medium size wedding takes 2-3 full work days of designing hours (15 – 20 hours) of 2-3 people.

A few things to think about:

  • Do you have right tools?
  • Do you have enough buckets?
  • Do you have a cool place to storage your centerpieces?
  • Do you have space for arranging?
  • Do you have a big refrigerator?

Florists know the best and the fastest ways how to arrange flowers to create their best appearance, keep the size of the wedding centerpieces and present the value of each flower.
Do you have a few extra days and nights before the wedding to DIY wedding flowers?


5. Precision, Accuracy, Rationality and Punctuality

Without trained hands it is not easy to make all 15 tall centerpieces in garden style look fabulous. Each flower takes its space, needs accuracy and respect on placing into the arrangement.

Wedding florists arrange flowers on the way to make them deliverable to the wedding site or some designs suppose to be done only at a venue (chuppah flowers) during the short time after a rental company sets stuff up.


DIY wedding flowers

DIY wedding flowers

As a wedding florists we not only discuss flowers and ideas, estimate, buy, process, storage, arrange flowers, we need to deliver and set flowers up, make drop down and solve the problem during the wedding day (For example, an event planner forgot to mention that a huge ceremony arrangements go on a grass and pedestals needed).

Have you planned the delivery trip to a venue, time, process? Do you have a team to load-unload flowers? Who is going to clean up after the set up and at the end of the wedding?

On wedding day share your joy, love, support and excitements with future partner and trust the professional wedding florist to make wedding flowers instead of worrying about saving money on  DIY wedding flowers.

Your wedding floral designer, Lana


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