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Wedding boutonniere for Groom is a single flower, rarely double, worn mainly by groom and groomsmen while the bouquets are for the bride and bridesmaids. In weddings, all focus will be on the bride.

If you don’t know what type of flowers to use, you can’t go wrong with roses.  They are very popular for wedding boutonnières.  If roses are too much for your wedding budget, try going with spray roses or carnations, stephanotis, orchids or tulips.

In addition to choosing the flower/flowers to use in your boutonniere for groom, you need to consider also the color of the flower to complement the groom’s attire. A dark outfit will be best matched by a darker color boutonnière made from a rose, calla lily or tulip.  You need to also take into consideration the colors of the bridal bouquet’s flowers.

Usually, wedding buttonholes are worn by the males of the wedding party (groom, bestman, groomsmen, fathers of the couple), but we have seen boutonnières worn by close relatives and friends (both male and female).

The wedding boutonnière for the groom should be made somewhat differently from the other wedding flowers for men. It may be in a different color or may be a bit more elaborate.  This is to signify that he is the groom and make him feel special.

The boutonnière is placed on the groom’s left lapel.


Please download this .pdf  file to let you pin the bout into right place.

How to pin a boutonnière. Tips.


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